Assembly process

The QC person will check the components in the first time when we finish a component in our factory, measure the dimension, check the movement, make sure it is no problems and put them in the warehouse. After the components are complete, they begin to be assembled into complete watches. The following is the assembly process:
1. Fixed the dial to the movement.
2. Fixed the hand to the movement.
3. Using blowing gun to clean the dust on the dial or glass.
4. Assembling the bezel ring with the case.
5. Assembling the crown.
6. Assembling the caseback.
7. Entered the QC process, check the appearance, check the movement.
8. Tested of waterproof function of watches by using professional testing machine.
9. Fixed the straps.
10.Checked the complete watch again.
11.Packing and shipping.

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