How to maintain the leather watch bands?

Generally speaking, watch band is usually made of crocodile leather, shark leather, lizard leather, ostrich leather or cowhide. No matter which kind of leather you have, the bands will be getting harden as time goes by. But if you pay more attention to maintenance of the bands, its service life could be extended much more longer.

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1. The storage of Genuine leather watch

Genuine leather watch can’t be under the blazing sun directly for quite a long time, it will cause the leather crack and color fading. So cool and dry place will be better. Long and intense sunlight will cause the leather surface color faded, and accelerate leather aging. Some chemical reagent could also make the band surface color changed or faded. If you often pull too hard when wearing the watch, there will be crease in the band buckle fastening position. So it is better to wear the watch gently.

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2. How to clean the genuine leather band

a. Keep water away as far as possible. If got wet in the rain by careless, first wipe dry it then dry it in the air, stoving or blazing under the sun are forbidden. Any watch could not take into bath room, including water-resistant watch, because watch water-proof ring is made of rubber, which easy to aging and turn into small molecules. It could penetrate into the watch case, cause internal movement damaged. Regarding the cleaning of watch leather band, you could use soft cloth,then wet the cloth with gentle dilute detergent, wipe the surface of leather band, then clean it in clear water, dry it in the cool and shadow place. Leather oil are good to leather band maintenance tools. So It is better to clean the leather band and use leather oil every one or two months.

Other leather band maintenance tips:

* When the hardware fittings on the band oxidation slightly, using flour or toothpaste to remove oxide layer.

* Leather oil is good thing for bands, but remember that do not use too much.

b. Do not wear the leather band watch too often, it is best to have two watch for taking turns. So this could reduce the risk of damage and let each watch take enough rest.

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