Celebration! Factory expansion!

As the factory’s scale is enlarging, Phenloxy Watch Co., Ltd relocated from the former location, ROOM 715 Shangmei Times Building, 4th Floor, No.38, Huimin 1st Road, Guanlan Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen on 15th, Sep, 2017. 1500 square meter, over one hundred employees, our scale is enlarging, our working environment is improved, and also higher requirements for the quality control. 

At the same time, dust-free assembling workshop had been established, and sourced a series of supreme assembling equipments. We try our best to improve and perfect the manufacturing assembly line, with every part carefully checked. Take the most strict standard as a principle to produce every watch order. From materials sourcing, semi-finished products quality control, to finished products final inspection, every procedure we have professional and responsible specialist to do double check.

Our aim is be a steady companion on flourishing brand building way of our customers. Welcome to visit our Factory.

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Post time: Sep-10-2017
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