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ስለ እኛ

PHENLOXY WATCH CO., LTD, a professional OEM watch factory (manufacturer) founded in Shenzhen China in 2009, focus on manufacturing high quality stainless steel OEM watches and alloy OEM watches in steady quartz and mechanical movements. Due to reasonable prices, nice quality, good after-sales service and smooth communication, we have been in long term business relationship with customers from United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Sweden, USA and other countries all over the world. Above 1200 square meters factory building, we produce and control high quality watches by hard work from professional sales, design, production, QC departments.

እጅግ በጣም ጥሩ አገልግሎት, ምክንያታዊ ዋጋ, ቋሚ ጥራት, አስተማማኝ የንግድ, አስተማማኝ ግንኙነት, ወቅታዊ ግንኙነት. እኛ ሁላችንም ደንበኞች ለመመስረት እና እኛ ሁልጊዜ እያደረጉ ቆይተዋል እንደ ገበያ ውስጥ ጥሩ ጥራት የእይታ ብራንድ እንዲያድጉ መርዳት ይችላሉ ተስፋ አደርጋለሁ.


Men or ladies wrist watches, quartz or automatic mechanical watches, sport or diving watches and so on, all type of watch design are waiting for you. A happy business relationship starts from contact. Let us connect and creWatches Factory:

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We just produce high quality watches. Welcome to design your own brand watch.


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