About TapeDog

TapeDog is the best platform for customized packaging. We accept small batches, but also have the ability to meet large-volume orders!

We can customize packaging tape, stickers, washi tape in any size, specification, quantity, pattern and material. At the same time, we can also customize the outer packaging of your brand.
Satisfaction guarantee! let TapeDog keep it going!

  • How to make your brand stand out?

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    How to make your brand stand out?

    "A successful packaging promotion of a brand can not only enables customers to remember you after purchase,but also makes..."

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  • Verified User Review

    Verified User Review

    TapeDog's customized tape will be our long-term purchase. The effect of 6-color printing is really impressive. We like this kind of high-quality tape with such clear printing. And the price is so affordable. I really like TapeDog!

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  • Our Eco Concept

    Our Eco Concept

    Environmental protection and recyclability are the direction we have been committed to development. We plan to invest 20% of our funds every year to research, innovate and develop environmental-friendly packaging materials.

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